No New Friends. Know New Friends

It was as if Penn gave me the classic advice: “have you tried turning it off and back on again?” Before I knew it, my year long reset brought me to Tucson. No college, no water, no car, and no friends. Contrary to Drake’s words , “no new friends” isn’t the move when you move. I would literally have no collective “we” to be in the club screaming because dogs are not allowed in most clubs, sorry Ellie.

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Becoming a Filadelphian

… ver time, I morphed into what used to be a foreign jay-walking, food-truck-eating, wawa-binging phanatic.  However, one can never really become a real 215 native – those legends are born, not made. But over my humid summers and brutal wind-tunnel winters, I grew to love the City of Brotherly Love as a Filadelphian myself…

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2018: The Year of the Blog

Let’s all give the painful, polite round of applause you give in a classroom after a poor presentation to my blog attempts of 2017. I’ll wait. Usually when you don’t hear from me for days, weeks, or months at a time, this is a sure sign that I’m stuck in one of the depressive ruts […]

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Moving to Hell, and Other Things

My googling frequency of weird ish has shot through the roof since my move, and I’m erring on the conclusion that I have voluntarily moved to some form of hell. The grasshoppers fly, the cacti jump, and under your feet are really layers of rats, snakes, spiders, and lizards. Without further ado, here are 11+ […]

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Nothing New, Except for Everything

Oops… Personal deadlines sometimes go to the wayside in our tumultuous work-obsessed society. So, I hope you read “Sunday” as “someday,” and don’t berate me for my first (maybe of many – but that’s a habit I am aiming to break) late post. However, if you couldn’t tell from my previous post, the pressure without […]

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